blank cell FN Browning Hi-Power Pistol
Stats found on page 286 of the Delta Green sourcebook
COMBAT USE: German Armed Forces, British & Commonwealth Armed Forces, Belgium, China, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania

The FN-Browning High Power bears the distinction of being produced by both Allied and Axis forces during the war. Designed by John Browning, the Grand Puissance (High Power) was produced by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. The Browning HP was first adopted by the Belgian armed forces in 1935, and then exported to China, Estonia, Lithuania, and Peru. When Belgium fell in 1940, the Germans had the FN factories produce the pistol for their own armed forces (usually to Luftwaffe paratroops and Waffen-SS) as the P640(b). Several of the Belgians that had designed the Browning HP escaped to Canada in 1940, where they made the pistol as the Inglis HP No1 Mk1, which proved popular with British paratroops and commandoes and was exported to Nationalist Chinese and Greek forces.

The Browning HP also bears the distinction of being the first automatic pistol to have a double-column magazine, which allowed its magazine to hold some thirteen rounds. With its high-capacity magazine and chambered for the 9mm Parabellum, the Browning HP was the forerunner of today's "wonder-nines", and remains a modern design over sixty years later. The pre-war Browning HP were made to take a detachable stock, which allows the pistol to be used like a light carbine (using Rifle skill).