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circa 1933
P Division raids the fishing village of Agua Verde on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, with no tangible results. This will be the last major P Division operation until 1942.

Dieter Scheel is made a Hauptscharführer in the SS and put in charge of Sonderkommando H, a department in the RSHA collecting evidence on German witch trials that could be used for propaganda against the Catholic Church.

January 1933
Adolf Hitler is made chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg.

February 1933
The Reichstag in Berlin burns down, and the Nazis blame Communists for the fire.
A failed assassination attempt in Miami on President-Elect Franklin Delano Roosevelt results in the death of Chicago Mayour Anton J. Cermak.

March 1933
The Enabling Acts are passed, setting aside the Weimar constitution and giving Hitler dictatorial powers.
Roosevelt is inaugurated as President of the United States. This month marks the lowest point of the American economy during the Great Depression. Congress begins work on New Deal legislation.
Japan withdraws from the League of Nations in protest over a report that declares the illegitimacy of their puppet-state in China, Manchukuo.

June 1933
All political parties except for the NSDAP are banned in Germany.

October 1933
Germany leaves the League of Nations.

December 1933
Prohibition is repealed.


June 1934
Hitler initiates the Night of the Long Knives, as the SS purges the SA and executes his rival, Ernst Röhm.

July 1934
Premier Engelbert Dollfus is shot and killed by Nazi sympathizers in Austria.

August 1934
Hindenburg dies. Hitler becomes Führer, combining the offices of the President and Chancellor.

October 1934
Mao Tse-tung and his 30,000-man Chinese Communist army abandon their base in Kiangsi and set out on the legendary "Long March", during which the Communists will recruit over a million soldiers and forge them into an effective army in battles against both the Japanese and the Kuomintang.

December 1934
The Japanese refuse to honor the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and London Naval Treaty of 1930 until the United States and Britain accept naval parity with Japan.


circa 1935
The Peaslee Expedition to Australia.

March 1935
Hitler repudiates the Treaty of Versailles and calls for a full German rearmament.

September 1935
The Nuremberg Laws are enacted, stripping Jews in Germany of their citizenship and civil rights.

October 1935
Abyssinia is invaded by Italy.


circa 1936
Olaf Bitterich is recruited into the Karotechia. (This date contradicts the date given for the creation of the Karotechia in 1939. Bitterich might have been recruited into an early unofficial organization that later became the Karotechia in 1939.)

Genrikh Yagoda, chief of the NKVD and head of Stalin's occult research branch, is stripped of his office, and later imprisoned and executed. The new NKVD chief, Nikolai Yezhov, is put in charge of Stalin's occult bureau.

March 1936
German troops occupy the Rhineland.

May 1936
Italy captures Addis Ababa and annexes Ethiopia.

July 1936
After a left-wing government is elected by the Spanish Republic, the Spanish Civil War breaks out due to an uprising of Spanish troops in North Africa under the command of General Francisco Franco.

November 1936
Roosevelt is elected to second term in a landslide.


circa 1937
The Morgan British Honduras Expedition for Miskatonic University follows in the footsteps of the earlier Williamson expedition of the 1920s and searches for a site named "El Cacao", home of mythical "sea peoples."

March 15 1937
H.P. Lovecraft dies.

April 1937
German bombers of the Condor Legion in Spain bomb the Basque town of Guernica, killing some 1600 civilians.

May 1937
Neville Chamberlain becomes prime minister of Britain.

Summer 1937
Franklin Rathke puts out advertisements to find investors to build a more-powerful version of the Tillinghast Resonator. At Warwick College, a working prototype is sold by Rathke to Dr. Williem Eisenbein, a visiting professor doing high-frequency sound research at Cornwall, England. Eisenbein later returns to his native Dusseldorf and continues his researches with the Tillinghast Resonator, under the auspices of the Third Reich.

July 1937
The Kuomintang Army and the Chinese Communists agree to a non-aggression treaty to concentrate on ousting the Japanese from China.
The Marco Polo Bridge Incident, where a skirmish between Japanese and Chinese troops in Peking is used as a precept for full mobilization of Japanese forces on the Asian mainland and an invasion of north and central China.

December 1937
The Japanese carry out the "Rape of Nanking", destroying the Chinese capital, murdering from 200-300 thousand prisoners and civilians, and raping at least 20 thousand women.


March 1938
Germany annexes Austria (Anschluss).

September 1938
The Munich Pact gives Germany the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.

November 1938

December 1938
Nikolai Yezhov is dismissed from his position as head of the NKVD (and its occult bureau) and incarcerated at a mental asylum where his successor, Lavrenti Beria, arranges his suicide.


circa 1939
Lavrenti Beria moves all personnel and facilities of the NKVD occult research out of Moscow, unknowingly severing the last contacts the GRU had in the secret organization.

Dieter Scheel of Sonderkommando H disinterrs the corpse of 17th-century sorcerer Jurgen Tess, and revives him through "the resuscitating of ye vital saylts." This incident results in the creation of the Karotechia, with Scheel placed in charge of its most important mission: Projekt Ewig, the search for magik or knowledge that would grant eternal life.

Early 1939
Since 1938, the Kriegsmarine conducts an expedition to Antarctica, surveying Queen Maude's Land. From 1939 till 1945, the Karotechia send hundreds of personnel to their base at Point 103 in Neuschwabenland as part of Aktion Eisschloss.

March 1939
Germans troops enter Prague and occupy Bohemia, violating the Munich Pact.
The Spanish Civil War comes to an end.

May 1939
The Nohonman Incident, as Japanese troops and the Red Army clash over the Manchurian-Mongolia border, resulting in a humiliating defeat of Japanese forces.

August 23 1939
Germany and the Soviet Union sign the Mutual Non-Agression Pact that publically pledges to maintain a peace between the two nations and to remain neutral if a third party were to declare war on either of them, while secret protocol divides up Eastern Europe between them.

September 1939
Germany invades Poland, causing the outbreak of the Second World War as Britain, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Canada declare war upon Germany. Italy and the United States declare their neutrality.
The Japanese and the Soviet Union agree to a cease-fire over their border dispute.
The Soviet Union invades Poland from the east and meet with German troops at Brest-Litovsk.

October 1939
The last organized resistance by Polish armed forces is crushed.

November 1939
Carpenter George Elsner attempts and fails to assassinate Hitler in Munich.
The Soviet Union invades Finland, and the Russo-Finish or "Winter War" begins.


March 12 1940
The Winter War ends as Finland signs a peace treaty with the Soviet Union.

April 9 1940
Germany invades Norway and Denmark on April 9th. The Allies send troops to Norway, where Vidkun Quisling takes power as King Haakon escapes into exile.

May 1940
Amanda Chalmers, a "Talent" with MI-13 during the Great War, recieves a premonition of the fall of France and the miracle at Dunkirk. Major David Cornwall forwards these predictions to Churchill in a sealed envelope.

The "reborn" Spetsialni Viedotstvo 8 is established by the GRU as a psychological warfare section for purely research and intelligence purposes into the supernatural.

Germany invades Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, and France.
Winston Churchill replaces Neville Chamberlain as prime minister of Britain.
British troops land in Iceland.
Belgium and Holland surrender to the Germans.
Allied troops begin the evacuation from France at Dunkirk.

June 1940
Allied troops are evacuated from Norway at Narvik.
Italy declares war on Britain and France.
Norway surrenders to the Germans.
The Soviet Union invades Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, and annexes part of Romania.
France signs an armistice with Germany and Italy, and creates the Vichy government under Marshal Henri Pétain.
Charles de Gaulle is recognized as the leader of Free French forces in Britain.
Germany invades the Channel Islands.

On June 26, the success of Chalmers' premonition earns MI-13 the patronage of Churchill. MI-13 is redesignated the Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counterintelligence, Espionage, and Sabotage (PISCES), and given ample funds and personnel by MI-6, MI-5, and the SOE.

August 1940
Italy invades British Somaliland.
The Battle of Britain begins.

September 1940
Italian troops in Libya invade British-controlled Egypt.
Conscription begins in the United States.
The Tripartite Pact establishes the "Axis" of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

October 1940
German troops are transported into Romania.
Italy invades Greece.

November 1940
Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia join the Axis.

December 1940
Project RAINBOW is created under Professor Rudolph Landenburg as a joint National Defense Research Council-US Navy experiment to develop stealth and defensive technologies.


circa 1941
Smersh is established by Stalin as part of the NKVD as a military counterintelligence agency. A special section of Smersh without name, designation, and staffed by "dead men" continue Stalin's investigations into the paranormal and the occult.

From 1941 to 1953, Smersh researchers conduct experiments on "protohuman" ghoul subjects, including primitive eugenics experiments that result in hu-ghoul offspring, but fail to isolate the secret of the ghoul's physical prowess and longevity. Several Smersh officers, including the project administrator, come to see the ghouls as the pinnacle of evolution and begin to mimic their habits, eventually joining the Cult of The Great Provider.

early 1941
PISCES and Smersh engage in a near-shooting war as their agents attempt to disrupt each others operations in neutral Spain. PISCES exposes Smersh operatives to Spanish authorities as they attempted to steal a copy of True Magik by Theophilus Wenn from the University of Salamanca, and Smersh retaliates by exposing PISCES agents to the Abwehr in Spain.

January 1941
Projekt Ewig moves its headquarters into the small town of Jagnence in the mountains of Hungary.
The Allied offensive enters Libya, capturing Tobruk and Benghazi.

February 1941
Britain invades Italian-held Somaliland and capture Mogadishu.
Ten thousand Jews are deported from Vienna.

March 1941
Bulgaria and Yugoslavia joins the Axis.
British troops land in Greece.
The Lend-Lease Act is enacted to shuttle material from the United States to the Allies.

April 1941
General Erwin Rommel takes command of all Axis forces in North Africa, recapturing Benghazi on April 4th and besieging Tobruk.
The Allies capture Addis Ababa.
Axis sympathizer Rasch Ali Gailini comes to power in Iraq, initiating a British offensive.
Germany invade and capture Yugoslavia and Greece.
Croatia is declared an independent state, declaring war on Britain.
Danish Greenland is occupied by the United States.

May 1941
Through a plot by PISCES, Reichsfuhrer Rudolph Hess follows the prediction of his personal astrologer and flies to England on May 10th with a direct offer of peace. In retaliation, the Nazis launch Aktion Hess, the arrest and deportation to concentration camps of hundreds of astrologers and spiritualists, smashing the PISCES underground network of spies but allowing them to infiltrate three agents into the Karotechia, who cull the most promising occultists from this roundup.

German paratroopers take Crete with heavy losses.
The pride of the Kriegsmarine, the battleship Bismarck, is sunk by British forces.
British troops capture Baghdad.

June 1941
British troops invade Vichy-controlled Syria and Lebanon.
Operation BARBAROSSA, the German invasion of the Soviet Union, begins.
Italy, Finland and Hungary declare war upon the Soviet Union.
Britain and the United States declare to send material aid to the Soviets.

July 1941
The Doolittle sinkhole accident kills fourteen workers, engineered by the ghouls of the New York as beneath the sinkhole lies ancient Dutch cult tunnels that lead to the ghouls' warrens.

Stalin makes his first public address since BARBAROSSA began, declaring a scorched-earth policy that orders his people to destroy their homes, offering nothing to the invaders, and calls for citizens in occupied territories to take up arms and wage partisan warfare.
The first Italian troops arrive on the Eastern Front.
The Japanese occupy French Indochina.

August 1941
Stalin makes himself supreme commander over all Soviet Armed Forces.

September 1941
Germany capture Estonia and Kiev, besieging Leningrad.
British and Soviet forces occupy Iran.

October 1941
Germans capture Odessa and Kharkov.
The Soviet government moved to Kuibyshev.
Hideki Tojo becomes prime minister of Japan.
The Japanese capture Kuala Lumpur.

November 1941
The first RAINBOW conference is held on November 6th, with Vannevar Bush, John Von Neumann, and Albert Einstein in attendance, and four subprojects MORAY, PHI, KINGFISHER, and MIRAGE are outlined.

Kursk and Rostov fall to the Germans.
The Battle of Moscow begins.

December 1941
Outside the Hungarian town of Zolta near the Schwarze See, an entire unit of Nazi engineers disappear while surveying for hydroelectric dams. They are later found by the SS, wandering in a monstrous state along the shores of a lake. The Karotechia under Projekt Ewig begin an investigation.

The German invasion of the Soviet Union stalls, as they break off the assault on Moscow.
Britain and Canada declare war on Finland.
The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and invade Siam and Malaysia. With the exception of the Soviet Union, the Allies declare war on Japan. Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, and Romania declare war on the United States soon after. Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic declare war on Germany.
Japan invades the Phillipines and captures Hong Kong.
British troops recapture Benghazi.


circa 1942
Olaf Bitterich, a Karotechia officer, disinterrs the body of Alexis Ladeau and discovers pages from Friedrich Wilheim Von Junzt's unfinished manuscript. The manuscript teaches Bitterich how to call up the spirits of dead German heroes such as Frederick the Great, Friedrich Nietszche, and Arminius, which he accomplishes for the audience of Hitler and Himmler. In reality, Bitterich is summoning Nyarlathotep, who impersonates these "German heroes" for his own reasons.

January 1942
Declaration of the United Nations.
Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies, Burma, and the Solomon Islands.
The Red Army forces the Germans out of Kiev.
The Wannsee Conference establishes the death camp system.
The first American troops land in Britain.

February 1942
Lt. Commander Martin Cook, commanding officer of P Division, briefs the Coordinator of Information William J. Donovan on P Division's experiences with the supernatural and the occult. Cook recommends P Division be merged with the COI, which Donovan completes within the week. The new organization will become known unofficially as Delta Green, after the security clearance created for the group.

Whole Earth Enterprises purchases the site of the Doolittle sinkhole accident. Stephen Alzis enters into a pact with the ghouls of New York to construct on the site.

Singapore, Bali, and Timor fall to the Japanese.

circa February-December 1942
PISCES becomes aware of Delta Green through investigation of COI agents searching through British Admiralty records for unusual phenomena.

In Axis-held Tunisia, a combined force of Delta Green commandoes and Haganah guerillas destroy a Karotechia archeaological site called the "Haua Fteah". Only Thomas Rosenblatt, an American expatriate fighting with the Haganah, and an American captain named MacDonald survive the mission.

March 1942
Rangoon and Java fall to the Japanese.

April 1942
Bataan falls to the Japanese, ending all but guerilla resistance in the Philippines and initiating the infamous "Death March".
Japanese-Americans in the western United States are sent to relocation camps.
The Doolittle Raid bombs Tokyo and Yokohama.

May 1942
Mandalay falls to the Japanese.
The Battle of the Coral Sea
British troops are sent to occupy Madagascar.
American troops in the Philippines surrender.
Mexico declares war on all Axis powers.
Reinhard Heydrich is assassinated by Czech partisans in Prague. The city of Lidice is annihilated in retaliation for his death.
The Germans recapture Kharkov.

June 1942
The Japanese Navy suffers a fatal loss at the Battle of Midway.
General Dwight Eisenhower is made supreme commander of American operations in Europe.
The Germans capture Tobruk and enter Egypt.

July 1942
Sevastopol and Rostov falls to the Germans.
Japanese invade Guadalcanal.
The Germans begin deporting the Jews of Warsaw to Treblinka.

August 1942
American forces land in Guadalcanal.
British and Canadian troops suffer heavy losses during the failed raid on Dieppe.
Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy.
The Battle of Stalingrad begins.

October 1942
The Battle of El Alamein begins the British offensive in North Africa.

November 1942
GRU SV-8 discovers a connection between the reports of Gregor Studnikov fighting inhuman cannibals during the Russian Civil War and similar activity during the siege of Stalingrad. GRU SV-8 troops eliminate all those bearing "necrophagistic" traits, and observes SMERSH agents collecting these necrophagists as specimens. Dressed and armed as German soldiers, GRU SV-8 liquidates those necrophagists in SMERSH custody.

American troops land in North Africa under Operation TORCH.
Germany invades Vichy France.
British recapture Tobruk.

December 1942
Operation LIFEGUARD - Delta Green commandoes and French partisans raid a meeting between Karotechia agents and representatives from the Deep One colony of Ahu-Y'hola off the coast of Cornwall. The German attempt to open a dialog with the Deep Ones is disrupted by the attack, and relations between the two groups soon dissolve over issues with Nazi racial policy.

Dr Timothy Michaelson, an assistant of Professor Arthur Turner, the chief of subproject MIRAGE under Project RAINBOW, attends a demonstration of the Tillinghast Resonator given by Franklin Rathke.

Enrico Fermin and his team of scientists in Chicago produce the first controlled, self-sustaining chain reaction.


circa 1943
General Sergei M. Shtemyenko is given command of GRU SV-8.

Agents of the Black Dragon Society attept to incite an Indian uprising by reviving the Thugee cult. As the operation continues into 1944, the new Thugee cult soon develop their own agenda.

January 1943
The last survivor of the three agents PISCES had inserted into the Karotechia under Aktion Hess is shot dead on January 1st, while trying to cross the Swiss border.

The Warsaw Uprising.
The Casablanca Conference.
British capture Tripoli.
The German Sixth Army at Stalingrad surrenders to the Red Army.

February 1943
Dr. Arthur Turner of Project RAINBOW pays Franklin Rathke $4000 for a smaller version and construction plans of the Tillinghast Resonator.

British forces enter Tunisia.
The Red Army captures Kursk, Rostov, and Kharkov.
US forces capture Guadalcanal.

March 1943
Based on Franklin Rathke's device, Dr Arthur Turner completes the MIRAGE III prototype and it is successfully tested.

The Germans recapture Kharkov.

April 1943
Bolivia declares war on the Axis.
The Soviet Union severs all ties with the Polish government-in-exile.

May 1943
Franklin Rathke disappears, leaving his Boston home filled with a complex series of wires and circuits leading to a dining-table-sized construct with a chair built into it.

The Axis forces are defeated in North Africa as Tunisia falls to the Allies.
The Warsaw Ghetto is destroyed.

June 1943
Sicily is invaded by Allied forces.

July 1943
The Battle of Kursk is fought, the greatest tank battle of all time.
The Allies capture Palermo.
Benito Mussolini is forced to resign and replaced by Pietro Badoglio.

August 1943
The Japanese set up a puppet government in occupied Burma.
The Red Army recaptures Kharkov.

September 1943
The Allies land on the Italian mainland, and the Badoglio government signs an armistice. German troops in Italy occupy Rome and free Mussolini, who sets up the Repubblica Sociale Italiana (RSI) in northern Italy.
The Red Army recaptures Smolensk.

October 1943
Leopold Trepper, the former chief of French operations for the NKVD, reports to GRU SV-8 on his contact with Lt. Pavel Dzhurtchenko, a Russian POW. Dzhurtchenko was among a group of "test subjects" taken from their concentration camp by a secret SS unit investigating the occult and herded onto the Normandy shore for a ritual that brought forth a horde of "fish-men". The ritual was disrupted by a group of Allied commandoes and French partisans, and Dzhurtchenko had been fighting with the French resistance ever since. From this, GRU SV-8 first learns of the existence of the Karotechia.

The National Defense Research Council and the US Navy conducts a test of the Tillinghast Resonator aboard the Destroyer Escort USS Eldridge, resulting in disaster. A few years later, Carl M. Allen, a crewman on the chase ship Andrew Furuseth, will develop strange mental abilities based on his genetic heritage as a descendant of K'n-Yani experimentation on humans in the sixteenth century. Captain James Francis Polson, a Navy SEAL assigned by MJ-12 to go back in time and effect the experiment, escapes overboard and makes his way to shore, where he hides amongst the criminal underworld.

November 1943
The Italian government in Allied-controlled territory declares war on Germany.
The Red Army recaptures Kiev.
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin meet at the Tehran Conference.

The Office of Naval Intelligence forms Project PUZZLE to study and cover-up the MIRAGE III experiment on the USS Eldridge.

Late 1943
GRU SV-8 begins to encounter stronger evidence of Karotechia attacks, including a Soviet general driven mad by hyper-geometry and an attack on a squadron of Sturmoviks by "bat-winged monsters". These will continue until the end of the war.


January 1944
The Battle of Monte Cassino begins.
General Eisenhower becomes supreme commander of all Allied armed forces in Europe.
Allied forces land at Anzio.
The siege of Leningrad ends.

February 1944
Allied forces assault the Marshall Islands, capturing Kwajalein.
Strategic bombing of Germany begins.

March 1944
Dr. Arthur Turner of Project MIRAGE commits suicide.

Spring 1944
The Karotechia discover a version of the Necronomicon written in ancient Gothic. Sometime during the year, GRU SV-8 becomes aware of its existence during interrogations with captured Karotechia officers.

April 1944
The Soviets enter Poland.

June 1944
Rome is liberated by the Allies.
The D-Day invasion of Normandy.
An assassination attempt on Hitler by German officers fails.

August 1944
Paris is liberated by the Allies.

October 1944
General Douglas MacArthur returns to the Philippines.

Winter 1944
The Karotechia succeeds in reviving the dead using methods pioneered by Herbert West in the 1920s, and these "resuscitated casualties" are thrown into battle on the Eastern Front.

December 1944
The Germans stage a massive counteroffensive during the Battle of the Bulge, which fails by January 1945.

Late 1944
In the final three months of the war in Hungary, ¾ of the personnel of Projekt Ewig either flee the region or surrender to the dream-lure of the Schwarze See. Dieter Scheel is the last to succumb to Glaaki.


Early 1945
Experiments by the Karotechia with the Gothic Necronomicon result in the destruction of Castle Naudabaum in Bavaria during an attempt to summon Azathoth.

January 1945
The poyavlyatsya, the Russian term for the Karotechia's "resuscitated casualties", are first encountered by units of the First Belorussian Front under command of Marshal Zhukov in the Polish city of Lodz.

February 1945
GRU SV-8 foil a Karotechia attempt to use supernatural means to assassinate Marshal Zhukov.

"Resuscitated casualties" are again encountered by the Red Army, now in the city of Poznan. GRU SV-8 traces the chemicals the Karotechia used to create the poyavlyatsya back to facilities in Czechoslovakia, and work with Czech partisans to destroy those facilities.

March 1945
The Allies cross the Rhine into Germany.
American forces land on Okinawa.

April 1945
With their last stockpile of chemicals, the Karotechia release "resuscitated casualties" in Berlin, causing as many as 10,000 of the 100,000 Soviet fatalities during the battle for the city.

The first major concentration camps are liberated by the Allies at Buchenwald and Nordhausen.
Roosevelt dies, succeeded by Harry S. Truman.
The Soviets enter Berlin.
American and Soviet troops meet at the Elbe River.
Hitler commits suicide.

May 1945
Germany surrenders to the Allies.

June 1945
Operation SUMMER BREEZE - Delta Green wars with SMERSH to smuggle Karotechia files out of Soviet-occupied Vienna. GRU SV-8 uses the conflict to cover their assassinations of SMERSH agents of the NKVD occult bureau. SMERSH acquires the Gothic Necronomicon, which becomes a part of Joseph Stalin's personal library.

Operation LUNACY - Delta Green fights a war of annihilation with the Karotechia as they attempt to carry out Aktion Gotterdammerung, Hitler's final order that the Naudabaum "accident" be recreated without interruption. Delta Green liquidates thirty-five officers of the Karotechia but the operation is disbanded in October before they can stop the plan. Nevertheless, Aktion Gotterdammerung is mysteriously never carried out.

July 1945
The first atomic bomb is exploded at Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Truman, Churchill, and Stalin meet at the Potsdam Conference.

August 1945
Atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

September 1945
Japan surrenders to the Allies, ending the Second World War.
President Truman signs the dissolution order that calls for the formal abolishment of the OSS by October 1st.

October 1945
The OSS is disbanded. The Research & Analysis Branch is absorbed into the State Department, and some of the Secret Intelligence units are preserved within the new Strategic Services Unit of the War Department. Delta Green is deactivated and Operation LUNACY is shut down.
The United Nations Charter is ratified at the San Francisco Conference.

November 1945
The Nuremberg war trials begin.