Reinhard Galt
SS-Oberführer, Karotechia

Born in 1911, Reinhard Galt grew up on the brutal streets of a Germany ruined by war and economic depression. Attracted by Hitler's theories of racial superiority, Galt joined the SS at eighteen. He was quickly chosen for officer candidate school, and served with distinction in Poland and France, earning the Iron Cross 1st Class with Oak Leaves and Swords. This distinction also made his commanding officer jealous, and Galt found himself transferred to the Karotechia before the invasion of Russian in 1941.

The Karotechia assigned Galt to "special tasks", the looting and theft of artifacts and tomes in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Galt also carried out the assassinations of enemy agents, including the murder of two Delta Green agents in Algeria. While Galt recieved kudos for acquiring more finds than any other agent of the Karotechia, the self-centered young officer soon realized the true power of the forces he was involved with, and was never above retaining certain items and knowledge for his own benefit.

In 1945, SS-Oberführer Galt lead an expedition into the Belgian Congo to find the Anziques tribe spoken of in Pigafetta's Regnum Congo. Neither he nor any member of the expedition were ever seen again.

References: Delta Green, pp. 106-109

STR: 16 DEX: 14 CON: 18 SIZ: 14 INT: 15
APP: 17 POW: 12 EDU: 14 SAN: 60 HP: 16

DOB: 1911
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: German
Damage Bonus: +1d4
Education: SS Officer Candidate School
Skills: Climb 86%, Conceal 68%, Fast Talk 53%, First Aid 72%, Hide 91%, Jump 74%, Locksmith 52%, Mechanical Repair 41%, Operate Heavy Machinery (Drive Tank/Armored Vehicle) 39%, Persuade 56%, Psychology 34%, Sneak 82%, Spot Hidden 86%, Throw 59%, Torture 78%, Track 72%
Languages: Arabic 31%, English 36%, German 89%, Portuguese 43%, Spanish 41%
    Bayonet 57%, 1d4+2+db
    Combat Knife 58%, 1d4+2+db
    Mauser Kar98K rifle 66%, 2d6+4
    MP40 submachine gun 47%, 1d10
    MG42 General Purpose Machine Gun 42%, 2d6+4
    Heavy Weapon 44%, (damage varies)
    P08 Luger pistol 92%, 1d10
Spells: None
Magic Items: None
Physical Description: Galt is 6'3" tall and weighs 190 pounds. With his close-cropped blond hair, athletic physique and smooth Germanic features, Galt is the epitome of the Aryan ideal. His handsome appearance is marred solely by his constant expression of superior disdain. He is fond of Turkish cigarettes.