The DELTA GREEN: 1939-1945 is a companion site to the DGWW2 Yahoogroups mailing list, which provides discussion, research, and resources for setting CALL OF CTHULHU and DELTA GREEN campaigns during the Second World War. The contents of this site include articles, histories, biographies, chronologies, new rules, agency templates, equipment lists, scenarios, links, bibliographies and more.

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Our Darkest Hour
Why there isn't as much here as we both might wish

Histories, biographies, and chronologies

New rules for character creation, combat, vehicles, and new skills
Weapons, uniforms, and vehicles

Ideas for one-shots and campaign play

On-line links and bibliographies


02/20/08 Game stats for Karotechia security personnel has been added to the Campaign section.
03/24/04 The Book of Phrases has been updated to include the other Russian phrases.
12/20/03 I now have a blog to track my design work on Our Darkest Hour.
11/28/03 The Book of Phrases has been updated to include some Russian phrases.
11/13/03 The Book of Phrases has been updated to include Italian phrases.
07/23/02 The Office of Strategic Services has been added to the Order of Battle.
06/06/02 Mark Romaniw has written a history of the Sluzhba Bezpeky, the Security Service of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, and its involvement with the Mythos. The writeup on the Office of the Coordinator of Information has been revised.
06/06/02 A history of Kokuryukai, also known as the Black Dragon Society, has been added, as well as a description of the secret cabal behind Kokuryukai, the Order of the Green Dragon.
05/23/02 The Office of the Coordinator of Information has been added to the Order of Battle.
04/28/02 The Naval Intelligence Division has been added to the Order of Battle, and German phrases have been added to the Phrasebook.
01/27/02 A revised version of the biography of Colonel David Cornwall has been added to the Personnel Records.
12/27/01 The general history of the Karotechia has been put up in the Campaign section.
12/02/01 The Special Air Service and the Combined Operations Pilotage Parties have been added to the Order of Battle, and the new skills Navigation (Desert) and Sabotage have been added to the Rules section.
09/04/01 30 Commando and the Ahnenerbe have been added to the Order of Battle.
08/18/01 Rules for Chases on foot and Moving While Firing and a number of new skills have been put up.
08/17/01 The Small Scale Raiding Force has been added to the Order of Battle section. A slight modification to the Optional Wounds system has been made.
08/16/01 A biography for the head of PISCES, Colonel David Cornwall is up on Personnel Records. The Optional Wounds system has been revised. The Land Vehicle Rules has been revised as well, and a more complete listing of Land Vehicles and their stats has been provided in EQUIPMENT section.
06/21/01 An Optional Wounds system has been put up in the RULES section.
06/18/01 A history of PISCES from its early roots in the Delphi Project to MI-13 to its creation in 1940 is available in the Order of Battle section in CAMPAIGN.
06/16/01 A table of the Comparison of Military Ranks among the major combatants of the war is up on the Order of Battle.
06/14/01 A biography has been put up for Karl Maria Wiligut. Templates have been added for GRU SV-8 and the SS. The Chronology has been expanded, now from 1933 to 1945. An OSS Table of Equipment, circa 1943 is available in EQUIPMENT, along with some new and edited entries in the Small Arms section. The beginnings of a Book of Phrases relevant to WWII DELTA GREEN is online, waiting for many entries to be added. A few titles have been added to the bibliography on the RESOURCES page.
05/03/01 Templates have been added to the Order of Battle for Merrill's Marauders, 624 Squadron of the RAF, the Royal Naval Commandos, and The Brandenburgers.
04/14/01 The Armor section of vehicles in EQUIPMENT is now complete, with all the common AFVs used during the war now up with stats and descriptions. In addition, some of the kinks have been worked out of the Ground Vehicle Movement and Ground Vehicle Combat rules. SCENARIOS now has more filled-out descriptions of Operations LIFEGUARD, LUNACY, and SUMMER BREEZE. Ian Fleming and J. Edgar Hoover have been added to Personnel Records, and templates for the British intelligence agencies MI-5 and SIS are up as well.
03/30/01 The Armor section of vehicles in EQUIPMENT is now up, though there is only one entry: the ubiquitous PzKw III Medium Tank.
03/29/01 Added Ground Vehicle Movement, Ground Vehicle Combat, and Called Shot to the RULES section.
03/15/01 Template for the Federal Bureau of Investigation added to Order of Battle under CAMPAIGN. Basic data on Operation LIFEGUARD added to SCENARIOS. More listings have been added under RESOURCES and more weapons added under the Small Arms section. Reinhard Galt added to the Personnel Records section.
01/21/01 Several new sections added. New links have been added under RESOURCES. An incomplete template has been made for the Office of Strategic Services in Order of Battle under CAMPAIGN. Rules for characters on death's door and for special attacks while sentry stalking have been put up in Combat under RULES.
01/15/01 The Chronology and Small Arms sections are up.

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