DATE: December 1942 THEATER OF OPERATIONS: Western Europe, France, Normandy
UNITS INVOLVED: Delta Green, French Resistance, PISCES TARGETS: Karotechia, Deep Ones
SUMMARY OF OPERATIONS: Delta Green discovered that the Karotechia had in 1941 requisitioned over one thousand "test subjects" from Auschwitz and Treblinka for use as sacrifices to contact the Deep One colony of Ahu-Y'hola off the coast of Cornwall. An alliance was to be formed between the Karotechia and the Deep Ones for the blockade and eventual invasion of Britain in exchange for breeding stock. Unwilling to mix Aryan blood with that of the amphibians, the Karotechia offered the "test subjects".

A joint Delta Green-PISCES commando force is parachuted onto the Normandy coast, where, with the assistance of local French partisans, they disrupt one of these sacrifices, and kill several important Deep Ones. The contact between the Karotechia and the Deep Ones of Ahu-Y'hola is ended by this attack, as the Deep Ones refuse to answer further calls by the Karotechia.