DATE: June-September 1945 THEATER OF OPERATIONS: Western Europe
UNITS INVOLVED: Delta Green TARGETS: Karotechia, Werwolf terrorists
SUMMARY OF OPERATIONS: Based on information recovered during Operation SUMMER BREEZE, Delta Green learns of the Karotechia plan codenamed Aktion Gotterdammerung to use elements of the Werwolf organization to recreate the accident that destroyed Castle Naudabaum in Bavaria without aborting the sequence, an action sure to widespread if not global destruction. Delta Green initiates Operation LUNACY, a shoot-to-kill policy on all Karotechia and Werwolf personnel, hunting down all remnants of the organization to the loss of several Delta Green agents. Operation LUNACY is aborted with the disbandment of the OSS in October 1945, but the "accident" is never recreated.