blank cell Mosin-Nagant M1891/30 "Vintovka" Rifle
Stats listed on page 289 of the Delta Green sourcebook
COMBAT USE: Soviet armed forces

First adopted in 1891 by the Imperial Russian Army as the "Three-Line" rifle, eight different versions of the Mosin-Nagant were produced, culminating in the M91/30, which was shorter but otherwise identical to the original model. The M91/30 was to have been replaced by the SVT-38 self-loading rifle in the late thirties, but the inefficiency of the SVT design during the Winter War put the M91/30 back into production.

The M91/30 was modified with a turn-down bolt and fitted with a telescopic sight (the x4 PE or the compact x3.5 PU) to be adopted as the M91/30 "Snayper" rifle. A sniper variant of the self-loading SVT-40 was also issued, but, like their American counterparts, Red Army snipers preferred the bolt-action M91/30 for its better accuracy and reliability.