blank cell M-1 Carbine
Stats listed on page 288 of the Delta Green sourcebook.
COMBAT USE: US armed forces, OSS

The M-1 carbine was designed to replace the M-1911A1 pistol as a more effective sidearm for support personnel, but by the time the carbines entered service with American troops in late 1942, its purpose had changed from that of a defensive sidearm to a combat weapon. Both the M-1 and the M-1A1 (a version made for paratroopers in 1942 with a skeletal-metal folding stock and pistol grip) were much sought-after by American troops for their lighter weight than the bulky Garand M-1 rifle and Thompson submachine gun. But battlefield experience showed that the puny cartridge of the carbine had virtually no stopping power, and its effective range was severely less than the Garand. Still, the M-1 and M-1A1 carbines remained popular, especially among paratroopers, Rangers, and OSS agents who needed a handier weapon than the Garand.

Quantities of the M-1 carbine were captured by the Germans, and issued as the SlKb455(a) to their SpecOps units in 1944, including the Brandenburger and SS-Jagdregimenter.