blank cell Garand M-1 Rifle
Stats listed on page 288 of the Delta Green sourcebook.
COMBAT USE: US armed forces

Adopted as the standard issue rifle by the US Army in 1936 and by the Marine Corps in 1940, the Garand did not enter full service till 1942. An excellent weapon if rather heavy, the Garand's only true defect lay in its stripper-clip loaded magazine, which had to be expended before the magazine could be loaded, and when emptied sprung from the reciever with a loud metallic clang, alerting enemy troops of both the rifleman's position and the fact that his rifle was empty.

In July 1945, the M-1C was adopted to provide a sniper variant of the Garand. The telescopic sight had to be fitted to the left of the reciever rather than straight across the top to allow for reloading. The M-1C was considered an inferior weapon for sniping compared to the bolt-action Springfield M-1903A4.