blank cell M-3 Submachine Gun
Statistics listed on page 291 of the Delta Green sourcebook
COMBAT USE: US Armed Forces, OSS

Easier to produce, the M-3 was designed to replace the Thompson submachine gun but didn't recieved widespread use till the close of the war. Nicknamed the "Grease Gun" for its appearance, the M-3 was a rather crude but effective weapon designed like the Sten Gun for mass production. The .45 ACP M-3 was easily converted to fire 9mm Parabellum, and the OSS was issued silenced barrels in .45 caliber. As the M-3 could only fire on full-automatic, the silenced M-3 would burn out the suppressor under sustained fire; however, since the rate of fire was so slow, a trained marksman could easily maintain the suppressor by firing in short bursts of 3-4 rounds. With long bursts, the silenced M-3 will burn out the suppressor within 1-2 magazines, while with short bursts, the suppressor should function for up to 10-15 magazines before special cleaning is required. The silenced M-3 was not entirely effective, as the mechanism was loud enough in its own right, but the weapon was still preferred over the standard issue as the heavy suppressor helped to keep the muzzle from rising during automatic fire.