40mm 2pdr MkIX tank gun 9d6+3/1y AP or 7d6/2y HE 600 93
7.92mm BESA MG (coaxial) 2d6+4 110 2925

The most important British infantry tank during the North African campaign, nearly 3000 Matilda MkII tanks were built between December 1937 and September 1943. The MkII was an excellent design, though hard to produce as only two MkII tanks were available when the war broke out. Nevertheless, the Matilda was extraordinarily robust for an early war tank, and it was the near invulnernability of the Matilda to German anti-tank weapons that caused the 88mm anti-aircraft gun to be pressed into service against them in mid-1941. Like other tanks during the desert campaign, a number of Matildas fell into enemy hands and were used by the Afrika Korps. The Matilda was eventually phased out in lieu of better-armed tanks such as the Cromwell and the Churchill MkVII around 1943.