blank cell MP40
Stats listed on pages 290 of the Delta Green sourcebook.
COMBAT USE: German armed forces

The standard issue submachine gun for German military forces, the MP40 was an easier-to-produce model of the MP38 design. Made entirely of metal and plastic and employing a folding stock, the MP38 and MP40 are basically identical.

In 1943, Steyr fitted the MP40 with a double-magazine device that allowed the submachine gun to be fed from two magazines simultaneously, effectively increasing magazine capacity to 64 rounds. Issued as the MP40/II, the variant proved unpopular in the field, and German troops requiring a submachine gun with greater firepower continued to rely on the captured PPSh-41.

A silenced version of the MP40 was designed for special operations, but was never placed in production. The most common sound-suppressed submachine gun in the German arsenal remained captured specimens of the Sten MkIIS, issued as the MP751(e).