blank cell P08 Luger Pistol
Stats listed on page 286 of the Delta Green sourcebook
COMBAT USE: Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, German police, Karotechia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, Iran, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey

Though replaced by the Walther P38 as the service pistol of the German military in 1939, the Luger P08 remained in production until 1943 due to a lack of supply of the P38. Easily fouled and prone to misfire, the Luger remained extremely popular due to its accurate grip-to-frame design and its fashionable mystique. This pistol remained the main gun of both the SS and the Reichssicherheitsdienst (Hitler's bodyguards). A sound-suppressor was available, designed by the SS-Waffenakademie and likely restricted in use to the Waffen-SS. As a paramilitary unit, the Karotechia would most likely be issued the Luger P08 or one of the many pocket pistols common to the SS during the war. The P08 was also a standard police weapon, and had been exported in considerable numbers. Finland and Switzerland used slightly modified variants in 7.6521mm Parabellum.