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Delta Green Delta-Green.com
The official website from Pagan Publishing, full of great stuff, including a searchable archive of the Delta Green Mailing List, campaign material, and game fiction.
Chaosium Chaosium
The official website for the makers of the RPG the Delta Green setting was created for.
The Black Seal The Black Seal
A new magazine for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game from Chaosium and the Delta Green RPG setting by Pagan Publishing. Articles focus on supporting supernatural conspiracy themed campaigns and scenarios set in the modern day British Isles and elsewhere. Get your copies while you can, so you don't have to resort to spending big bucks on Ebay like you have to do to get back issues of The Unspeakable Oath.
The DGWW2 Yahoogroups Site
An Yahoogroups mailing list for setting CALL OF CTHULHU and DELTA GREEN campaigns during the Second World War.
The Ice Cave
An archive of the Delta Green Mailing List indexed by subject, invaluable to Keepers of games set in all eras.
Fantasy Flight Games
The official company website, where you can purchase the CoC Live sourcebook Shades of Grey for the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties. Though written for live-action roleplaying, the book is a good sourcebook for tabletop games as well, and includes a Karotechia scenario.
Goodall's Grotto
A good site full of campaign write-ups from just about every CoC and DG scenario published, as well as some alternate rules.
Ancient Evil
A well-made site with some good ideas for cults, scenarios, and monsters, as well as a nice art gallery.


The Second World War
A superb index on all things World War II from the About.com website.

Summary of SOE Operations in Western Europe
A Public Record Office site, with declassified documents on abbreviations, code names, and operations.

The Office of Strategic Services: America's First Intelligence Agency
A history of the OSS from the CIA website.

U.S. Army Special Operations in World War II
Electronic version of David W. Hogan Jr.'s work U.S. Army Special Operations in World War II

World War II - William J. Donovan and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Annotated bibliographies (including websites) with information on individuals and operations, equipment; part of a larger site that gives excellent bibilographies on all matters involving espionage.

Elite Forces of the Third Reich
A very informative site on the Waffen-SS, the Falschirmjäger, the Brandenburg Commandoes, the Afrika Korps, and other elite German units, all in deep detail.

The Third Reich Factbook
Statistics and other data on the military and police formations of Nazi Germany and her allies.

History of Espionage
A comprehensive site on persons and events relating to the field of intelligence, from ancient times to the modern day. A good portion of this site deals with WWII-era espionage, all well-researched and in great detail.


Aldrich, Richard J. Intelligence and the War Against Japan. Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-64186-1
The book addresses activities of the American and British secret services in Asia during WWII, and is divided into 5 parts:
  • Before Pearl Harbor, 1937-1941
  • India and spheres of influence, 1941-1944
  • Mountbatten's South East Asia Command, 1943-1945
  • Rivalry or rivalries? China, 1942-1945
  • The end of the war in Asia, 1945-1946

Bullock, Alan. Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives Vintage Books, ISBN 0679729941
Excellent book if you are interested in their personal history and motivations.

Cowles, V. The Phantom Major. 1958.
An account of the creation of the Long Range Desert Group and the various operations it undertook from July 1941 to January 1943. It includes details of training, equipment and has a few decent period photographs of desert operations. Much of it is based on David Stirling's own reminisces, and those of other original members of the LRDG.

Delmer, Selton. Black Boomerang.
Black radio operations against Germany, by the man who headed up those operations. Demolishes the myth of the good anti-Nazi Wehrmacht.

Goodrick-Clarke Nicolas. The Occult Roots of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology. New York: New York University Press, 1994. ISBN 0-814-73060-4
The best book on the strange topic of Nazi occultism, focusing on the relationship between Ariosophist "scholars" and the development of the Nazi ideology rather than the kind of insane rambling common to other books. An invaluable resource to Keepers who want to keep their campaign grounded in some kind of reality.

Howe, Ellic. The Black Game: British Subversive Operations Against the Germans During the Second World War.
Primary focus is on propaganda activities in Germany.

Olsen, O.R. Two Eggs On My Plate. 1954.
An autobiographical piece by a member of the Norwegian resistance. The first third of the book describes his flight from Norway in late 1940, whilst the remainder details his resistance work in Norway from 1943 to the end of hostilities. Again, a primary source with some period photographs, details of operations and so forth.

Lorain, Pierre. Clandestine Operations. ISBN: 0025752006
A good reference book for the French Resistance and SOE. Topics covered include radio operations (both by resistance members and the German attempts to locate the transmiters), cryptography, and equipment used (with some very nice line drawings... apparently the author / illustrator was trained as an architect).

Lorain, Pierre. Secret Warfare: The Arms and Techniques of the Resistance. ISBN 0-85613-586-0. Published 1984 by Orbis Publishing, London, UK. Translated by David Kahn from the original Armement Clandestin published in 1972.
This may be the same book as Clandestine Operations.

Schoenbrun, David. Soldiers of the Night: The Story of the French Resistance.
Comprehensive discussion of French resistance activities, from the fall of France to liberation.

Smith, Bradley F. The Shadow Warriors: OSS and the Origins of the CIA. New York: Basic Books Inc. 1983. ISBN 0-465-07756-0
An excellent study of the politics involved in creating the OSS, its effectiveness during the war, and its (lack of) relationship in the creation of the CIA. Not very informative on actual OSS operations, and overall rather dry.

Sweets, John F. Choices in Vichy France: The French Under Nazi Occupation. Oxford University Press: 1994. ISBN 0-195-09052-7
Especially useful in that it deals with the effects of occupation on the town of Clermont-Ferrand, the main town in the Auvergne (related to Clark Ashton-Smith's Averoigne) and the closest town to Vichy.

Toland, John. The Rising Sun.
Overvew of how the Japanese came to wage war against the US and military operations in the Pacific.