75mm M3 tank gun 10d6+4/1y AP or 10d6/2y HE 600 97
2 .30 M1919A4 MG (coaxial,hull) 2d6+4 110 4750
.50 M2 MG (AA) 2d8+1d10+6 200 300

The main battle tank of American armored forces throughout the war, the M4 Sherman (with the Cromwell) was also the main battle tank of British and Commonwealth forces after 1943, and was supplied in great numbers to the Soviet Union through lend-lease. First going into action at the Battle of Alamein in October 1942, the Sherman fought in every major theater of the war, and over 40,000 vehicles were produced on the M4 chassis. These vehicles included several different versions, including an upgunned model fitted with a 76mm gun (12d6+4/1y AP, 10d6/2y HE damage), a close-support model with a 105mm howitzer (12d6/2y HE damage), a flamethrower version (4d6 + shock fire damage, 100 yd range), and the Sherman Firefly, a British model fitted with a powerful high-velocity 17-pdr cannon (15d6+8/1y AP, 10d6/2y HE).