blank cell Smith & Wesson Victory Revolver
Same statistics as those for the Smith & Wesson M12 Military & Police Revolver on page 287 of the Delta Green sourcebook
COMBAT USE: United States, Great Britain

Although the Colt M-1911A1 was the standard issue sidearm for American soldiers during the war, there were not enough of them to supply all services. The Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver was adopted, under the name "Victory", by the Navy and Marine Corps for issue to its aviators and technical personnel. The Victory was supplied to British and Commonwealth troops under the lend-lease program. Similar revolvers, such as the Colt Commando, were pressed into service to supply American troops, and many of these revolvers were issued to OSS personnel. The commercial version Model 10 was also the most common sidearm for policemen in North and South America before, during, and after the war.